Hug Robot Radio

because in soviet russia, the radios play you!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


If you've found this blog, feel very special. It's now the new Jersey Shore, except this time with friends! School is out, and I'm back in action! Is anyone listening? Probably not, but I don't care! The name comes from my friend Will who provides me with music from time to time. He was in a video I did that involved killer robots, free speech, and The Ramones "psycho therapy". Soon to be released on the web.

Anyways, this is a pre-emptive strike suckas, so get ready for robot action and tunes coming your way... again!

edit: wow, thank you alan. anyways, I've already written some posts in advance, heres the schedule:

launch mix (32 songs)
lounge music (2 songs)
midnight mix (8 songs)
remy zero selections (4 songs)
ted leo selections (6 songs)

I promise, it's coming.