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because in soviet russia, the radios play you!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Man Comes Around

God, I love the American IV album by Johnny Cash.

The Man in Black was the fucking man.

I highly suggest you buy it. And not just for "hurt", though a lot of people hate on that song. Because they are lame.

I Hung My Head by Johnny Cash
In My Life by Johnny Cash

Monday, January 02, 2006

Single of the Day

Swan Lake by Blackalicious and DJ Shadow

Wow. In the rap leagues of Lyrics Born, Blackalicious is badassss. And the backup beat by Shadow is great, love dem horns and the loud and bombastic intro.

Crusin down the street in my six-four Impala
Is what I'd like to be doin if only I had the dollars
A baller ain't a baller if he ain't got balls
A scholar ain't a scholar if he ain't got scho-lastic
education, and if not that, then learn from life